About Chancov


My last name is Showers.

When my father was growing up his sister April, had a nickname for each of her two brothers. The first being Thunder and the second, Chance of. Good ole Dad decided he would spell it, Chancov.

Walking around holding an umbrella over your head, waiting for the rain to fall is a sure way to keep you dry. But while you’ve been holding on to that umbrella, what will your hands have missed touching? Your hair missed feeling?

There’s always going to be a chance of showers. Bring on the lightning and the thunder because that is when we truly show ourselves all that we are made of.

Chancov Showers is the place I come to spark inspiration in the midst of clear skies and through the dark and threatening storm clouds. My hope is that you will find inspiration here too, whatever the state of the weather.

Thanks for reading,





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