Yellow v.s. Pink

Do you ever run into this problem? It happens to me more often than I’d like to admit.



While shopping in a store or online—when I decide I want to purchase an item I’m usually very decisive about which color I like best. I know right away which one I’m taking home with me. But…what if upon first glance I saw the item (in this instance it’s a ruffle-linen blouse) in yellow and fell in love, but then clicked through the other available colors and realized the pink one is just as gorgeous?

What would you do?

For me the answer is quite simple, buy both!




My justification: If you like something, why not have more than one? For example, God only knows how long it takes me to find a pair of jeans that fits my body the way I want them to. I say, if there’s something that makes you feel like a superhero while wearing it, then PLEASE do yourself a favor and buy more than one. What if you spill some unknown, permanent-staining substance on your favorite blouse, then what?

It’s an insurance policy– Think about it.





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