Wear One Thing That Scares You

I have so many items in my possession that are AWESOME pieces I’ve picked up, but have only worn once or not at all.

Sound familiar?

Somewhere along the line between checkout and the journey to the back of my closet, I’ll admit there’s been some neglect. I have a name for these hidden, but never forgotten treasures, I like to refer to them as “the wanted” because they are notorious for being untouchable and yet are ever so desirable.

I find myself wearing the same old standard day after day…after day…..after day. Don’t misunderstand me there’s nothing wrong with my standard go-to, it works for me. It’s sensible, I feel comfortable and it just feels like me, but every once in awhile when I do decide to switch things up and bust out a piece from my “wanted” collection, even a subtle change, it can be kind of magical.

For example, most of the time I feel very anxious when I wear a skirt. I start thinking ideas like, “Oh god someone’s going to look at me,” or “What if they think I’m girly?” Of course both statements sound completely ridiculous. Yes, people will look at me, the majority of people do have eyes don’t they? And when did girly become a “bad word” in my vocabulary? Sure, the anxiety takes over first, I don’t think that will ever change, but I think the trick is to say f*#$ it, and wear the damn thing anyway. I find that each time my “attitude” out plays my anxiety, I have successfully accomplished three things:

1. I’m wearing instead of wasting hard earned money.

2. I look goood.

And 3. (The most important) My confidence level is at an all time high.

BAM! ~Magic~

My logic is undeniable–therefore I challenge YOU to wear one thing this week that scares the shit out of you. As a friend I’m giving YOU permission to have a little attitude, because sometimes it’s necessary. Just this one time–don’t let anxiety get the best of you. If I can do it, I know you can too. One thing I suggest to help make this a little easier is to pair your dreaded “wanted” item with one of your golden oldies. I feel very comfortable in thrift store grandpa sweaters, so for this look it made wearing my skirt a bit less intimidating (like I had a safe, warm place to cling to as I threw inhibition out the window).

Good luck, I believe in you.

I heart grandpa sweaters

Don’t be afraid of a little thunder and lightning,

Chancov Showers


8 thoughts on “Wear One Thing That Scares You”

    1. Hi Success Inspirer, thank you so much for following my blog! You’ve given me a reason to keep writing–that it’s not all for nothing 🙂 I really appreciate your comment.


  1. Well, I am going to do this! You described the anxiety just right. I feel conscious that people will look at me, they will think I am too girly or dressed up and I will look very good! I like to attempt it when I have a friend with me for encouragement 🙂


    1. Dear chickpiggy, I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one thinking these things! Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post–I’m so blown away right now haha. And yes, it’s totally awesome if you have a friend to help support you. Good luck with your outfit 🙂


  2. This is great! I definitely have a bunch of “scary” pieces in my closet, and I tell myself I’ll figure out how I’m going to wear said item. I love the sweater, by the way! Thank you for the inspiration!


    1. Elyce, Thanks for the comment and the compliment! It means a lot to me that you felt moved enough to say something. Now I just have to KEEP wearing said items…haha that’s the tricky part.

      Liked by 1 person

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